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PT Universal Produksi Indonesia is the proud producer of a high quality cinnamon cassia vera.

The origins of Universal Produksi Indonesia

We founded this company with deep experience in trading Cinnamon products.

Over the years, we have grown and developed continuously to build a significant reputation and achievements in the Cinnamon industry thanks to our constant internal efforts and support from all of our loyal clients.

We have a large-scale factory located in the raw material area, namely the Indonesian part of Sumatra so that we can buy directly from farmers. More importantly, We always pride ourselves on placing the quality of goods as our first and foremost priority. Therefore, we believe that customers will truly find comfort and satisfaction doing business with us.

We hope you enjoyed reading and believe that our presentation will give you a better understanding of our company, strategy and philosophy. We look forward to new and interesting contacts from you.

Gambar D

Originally From Indonesia



We are committed to enhance the lives of our customers through high quality products and services at a fair price while at the same time providing reasonable and satisfactory returns to our shareholders.

We devote ourselves to bring positive impact to everybody we come into contact with: our suppliers, employees, customers, the government, and last but not least the community.

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Committed to environmental stewardship

Our business depends on the continuation of raw materials which is critical for our operations throughout the supply chain. Responsible and sustainable sourcing both in terms of people and environment is paramount. We believe that conservation, biodiversity and sustainability should be an integral part to achieve real sustainable impact.


Our Principle

Our Offer Eliminates Risks and Objections to You


100% money back guarantee plus goods that have been received can be taken or do not need to be returned


All insurance, whether it's damage to goods or all insurance we are responsible for

Free Sample

Free product samples for you. We will serve whatever quantity you need.

Easy Transaction

You can do all kinds of transactions with us. Easy ordering process.

Our team

Provides an in-depth understanding of the global market as well as in society and demands of it. We strive for excellence, and focus on the cinnamon cassia vera yield we deliver to the global market.

Muhammad Amin Ramadhan
Chief Executive Officer
Gananta Linge
Business Development
Roy Samuel Pesik
Marketing Manager