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Our company is a company engaged in the export of cinnamon cassia vera from Indonesia

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PT Universal Produksi Indonesia service is to provide trust and be able to maintain good cooperation with clients

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Whether you operate an artisanal or industrial bakery or any other food related business, we offer customized solutions, reliability and loyalty to your tastes, processes and business goals.


Special product for everyone

We always give education to all farmers so that they can produce quality corn

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We are an Indonesian company engaged in plantations and we also supply cinnamon products. Our company is very expert in the industry, we have the best experience that makes our customers satisfied with every existing


Investor Relations

PT Universal Produksi Indonesia has developed a strategy to grow and maintain its global business success. We take advantage of opportunities where the resources we work on are very large in Indonesia. We believe PT Universal Produksi Indonesia is very well positioned to leverage existing resources.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to sharing is our company value. And we see that the establishment of this company is not just for profit alone, but we know that there is a reason why this company should exist. Many people have hopes of having a good life, and we are here for them. We want to help those in need. So that the benefits can be felt by everyone.


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Indonesia has 17,503 islands and we are in the most ancient and culturally known location that you can visit, its plantations that produce cinnamon. We have Indonesian Sumatra plantations. And your visit to this company will not be forgotten.


Committed To People

Our people, farmers and external partners throughout the supply chain are fundamental for our success. Building on relationships with our stakeholders comes natural given our long history in the spice trade. Through our local presence and external partners on the ground, we strive to improve livelihood, safeguard workplace and provide educational programs. We uphold the International labor declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work.


Special product for everyone

We always give education to all farmers so that they can  produce quality cinnamon.

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Providing the best quality in the international market.

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Providing the best price in the international market.

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Providing the best services in the international market.